Saturday 17 March 2012

A Mother's Day meme

It’s nearly a year since I started House With No Name and I’ve learned so much about blogging in that time. Twelve months ago I was utterly clueless about guest posts and tags and SEO and Stumbleupon, so it’s been a massive (but fun) learning curve. And today I’ve discovered yet another blogging term I didn’t know anything about – the meme. I had to look it up and it turns out that a meme is an idea spread across blog posts, where you answer a few questions and then ask another blogger to answer them too. 

Anyway, I feel very honoured because the lovely Yummy Mummy? Really? has asked me to join in a Mother’s Day meme. The challenge is to answer a thorny set of questions about being a mum. So Happy Mother’s Day to mums everywhere, and here goes:

Describe motherhood in three words

Brilliant. Tricky. Fun.

Does your experience differ from your mother's?  How?

My mum died eight years ago. We used to talk endlessly about everything and there are still days when I reach for the phone to ask her advice and then suddenly remember I can’t. She had me when she was in her early twenties and went on to build a hugely successful career later on. I concentrated on my career in my twenties and went freelance after my two children were born. But even so, I think we had the same ideas about being a parent. Maybe she was ahead of her time but unlike some of her generation she never left us to cry when we were little and when I was older she always said “ring me any time if you need to talk – even if it’s three in the morning.”

What's the hardest thing about being a mum?

Worrying about my children. I always reckoned being a mum would get easier as they got older, but now they’re almost grown up I worry about them even more. I worry about my independent student daughter whizzing around London by herself and about my son doing scary stunts on his bike.

What's the best thing?

The moments when we’re all sitting round the kitchen table at home, reminiscing about their childhoods and laughing hysterically about something ridiculous.

How has it changed you?

On the upside I’m far less selfish, but on the downside I’ve turned into a worrier (see question 2!)

What do you hope for your children?

That they will be happy, fulfilled and realise as many ambitions as they possibly can. My mum once wrote: “I don’t think my children owe me anything… As long as they’re doing what fulfils them I don’t think they owe me a letter, kindly or otherwise, a phone call, a card come Mother’s Day or Christmas, or even a hand-crocheted shawl, if ever I should come on hard times.” Hmmm. I’d really like my two to come home now and again!

What do you fear for them?

That’s a tough one. It’s so hard to imagine what the world will be like in 25 years time so I just want them to be as all right as they can possibly be.

What makes it all worthwhile?

Every second of it (apart from the odd squabble about messy bedrooms and staying out till all hours).

So that’s what I came up with. Now it’s my turn to tag five fellow bloggers, so I’m asking:

Here Come the Girls

I’d love to hear how you all get on.


  1. Goodness! I am blown away by your mum's comment about children not owing her anything. Very impressed by the unselfishness that expresses. It sounds like you take after her, and I think I'd be more worried if, as mums, we didn't worry (if that makes sense).

    Thank you for taking part.
    Happy Mother's Day

    1. Thank you so much, YMR. It was a real honour to take part. It made me think and made me remember some very happy times with my own amazing mum.

  2. Your mum sounds like she was ace. I can't imagine what it must be like for mine not to be around. Thanks for tagging, I will tweet you it when I'm done. :)

    1. I can't wait to read your meme, TD. And yes, my mum really was ace.

  3. I really enjoyed this post, Emma.

    I, too, had a terrific mum. I, too, lost her - she died fourteen years ago on Christmas Day.

    Having said that, mums don't ever really die - mine is carried on in my sister and in me, just as my husband and I will be carried on (the good bits only, I hope!) in our two boys.

    Liz X

    1. Oh thank you, Liz. That really means a lot. I'm sorry to hear you lost your mum too. But you are so right - I carry my mum in my head all the time. Have a lovely Mother's Day - sure your two boys will have done something celebratory!

  4. Another fabulous blog Emma. I am just learning to blog (and am revamping due to your influence) and I think meme is a great idea.
    I don't know any of the terms you mentioned but will now look up...

    Loved your Mum's quote special. My third son Tom is in Australia and I think he will stay, so your Mum's words are a good lesson...
    And the worrying! It's my new occupation!
    Sheena x

    1. You are very kind, Sheena. I've got a lot to learn, but I'm enjoying learning as I go along. I didn't realise your son's in Australia. Are you going to go out and see him?

  5. Yes Tom is in Oz; here is a little clip I made of the first leg of his trip when we went to see him in November.....

  6. Thanks for the tag. It's lovely to see what fun things lie in wait in the future.

    Here is mine, sorry it took a while!


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