Monday 18 March 2013

House With No Name has moved!

House With No Name has now moved to my own website – 

I'll still be blogging several times a week about books, films, family, education, France and whatever else strikes me – so I hope to see you there. Do let me know what you think of the new site and please subscribe to the new House With No Name blog. 


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  3. Wanna VitSee again?
    ☆ ☆

  4. Yay! You kept it!
    Bravo! Encore!!
    Now! Here's this!

    'Dream your dreams about what YOU
    want to do in Heaven; dare to ask for
    the impossible and all the gifts YOU
    have ever wanted from Me. Expect Me
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  5. Yay!
    You kept that, too!!
    I'm proudAyoo, lil1!!!
    ● ●
    Cya soon, gorgeous..

  6. Lemme give you a Name
    for thy House, dear:
    Chatêau Alizé (trade wind -
    sounding very romantic,
    n'est-ce pas, oui?)
    ● ●
    Cya soon, miss adorable...


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